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Welcome to the Hillsboro Finance Department, your auto loan and car lease resource. When you have found the new Ford Fiesta or new Ford Escape of your dreams, it’s time to seal the deal, and we’re here to make that happen. We will walk you through the entire car-buying process and ensure that you get the best deal possible, through our Ford Truck Month Incentives, new vehicle specials, and used vehicle specials. We can even explore with you how to buy a leased car, or introduce all of your lease options.

The best part is, we approve loans and leases for all types of credit histories or no credit at all. That means you can take advantage of Ford Explorer towing or drive a used Ford Fusion, no matter your past financial issues. And through it all, we aim to secure the lowest interest rates possible, and we can even help you refinance your current car loan, if necessary. While you’re here, be sure to check out our college graduate and military incentives. Have any questions? Get in touch with us for the answers! You’re just a step away from approved car financing! We want to drive a new vehicle that you’re excited about that works within your budget.

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Once you have chosen the ideal model from Tonkin Hillsboro Ford, you will likely be eager to drive it home! Before you can drive off into the horizon in your next Ford, however, you will need to make a few financial decisions. If you decide on a brand new Ford model, will you be leasing or purchasing? Will you be paying cash for your next Ford for sale or applying for Ford finance? With so many decisions ahead of you, it can be easy to get overwhelmed! Fortunately, Tonkin Hillsboro Ford makes it extremely simple to learn about your options. Our dealership hosts a Ford financial services center that will be an invaluable asset to customers. Whenever you are ready to apply for Ford Credit, the team at Tonkin Hillsboro Ford will be ready to assist you. Our financial services team has many years of industry experience and will be an excellent resource for information. Getting the Ford Motor finance that you need doesn’t need to be stressful. Though the Ford finance process isn’t everyone’s favorite part about buying a car, Tonkin Hillsboro Ford tries our best to make it enjoyable. Our friendly team will guide you through applying for Ford credit, either in person or online. With the help of our expert staff, securing the Ford Motor Credit that you need will be simple and convenient. Allow our team of professionals to help you navigate through the auto loan application process with ease. There won’t be any reason to feel intimidated by applying for a loan when working with our Ford financial services center.


Customers who wish to apply for Ford Motor Credit can stop by the Tonkin Hillsboro Ford financial center. For customers who appreciate hands-on guidance, applying for Ford finance in person can be a great idea. You will have the attention of our financial services team at your disposal as you complete your Ford Credit application. Before you apply for your Ford Motor finance, there are a few things that you will need to bring along. You will want to have proof of your residence, employment/income, and credit history. If you cannot remember that you checked your credit score last time, it’s a wise idea to do so before applying for your car loan. You will find a wealth of resources online that allow you to view your latest credit score in seconds. After you have everything that you need for your Ford Credit application, it won’t take very long to complete. Our financial staff will be on-site, ready to answer any questions that occur to you as you apply. Customers can also elect to apply for their auto loan online, right from the Tonkin Hillsboro Ford website. Applying for your car financing online is an excellent option for customers who wish to spend less time filling out paperwork at our dealership. Complete your application at a convenient time for your schedule, and our team will contact you with more details. Our team can answer any questions you may have while applying for financing online via email or phone.


If you are hesitant about making a permanent commitment to a vehicle, have you considered leasing your next Ford? Choosing a Ford lease in Portland is a popular way to enjoy driving the car of your dreams without a lengthy commitment. There are plenty of solid reasons to think about getting into a Ford truck lease. Ford lease deals offer fantastic flexibility for the driver. Since most leases only extend for several years, you won’t end up stuck in the same car for very long. If you like to drive something new every few years, leasing might be an excellent decision for your lifestyle. When your lease term ends, you will be free to walk away from the car, able to lease another brand new model. Lease payments are usually less expensive than payments on an auto loan for the same model, which saves you money over the length of your lease. While you won’t own the vehicle at the end of your Ford truck lease, you also won’t lose any money to depreciation. Customers also appreciate how a lease allows them to stay under the protection of a manufacturer’s warranty. If you own your vehicle outright, you will be responsible for all repairs once the manufacturer warranty ends. When you lease your next Ford, you can relax, knowing that the manufacturer warranty will extend for the duration of your lease. Of course, a Ford lease in Portland isn’t always the right choice for every customer. If you prefer to build equity through your car payments, you will likely be better suited to buying your next Ford.


Whether you decide to lease or choose to apply for Ford finance, Tonkin Hillsboro Ford wants to help you get a great deal. Customers will want to look at the latest Ford offers and incentives available at Tonkin Hillsboro Ford. These deals can be an excellent way to save you a considerable amount of money on your next loan or lease. Our financial services team will be happy to tell you about the Ford offers and incentives that may apply to your transaction. If you are looking for car lease deals in Portland, you will appreciate the incentives available at our Ford dealer. Common Ford lease offers special low monthly rates and low or no money down deals that allow you to save on your lease. We will extend many of our Ford lease offers only to customers with qualifying credit history. Therefore, it’s always in your best interest to know where your credit score stands before applying for a Ford lease offers. Customers who plan to purchase their car with Ford credit will also have plenty of incentives to choose from! Tonkin Hillsboro Ford offers manufacturer and dealership Ford finance specials to our customers. Ford finance offers could include low APR financing, special low money down deals, or even cash back rebates. If you aren’t sure which Ford finance specials could apply to your purchase, our financial services team can help you out. With the help of Tonkin Hillsboro Ford, you won’t believe how simple it is to save money with a Ford finance offer or car lease deal in Portland.

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